The Centerpieces and Table of Treats in Candyland Decorations

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Candyland decorations, it is the type of the decoration which is full of happiness and cheerful ever. You may know about it from just the name, candy land! Yes, it is not a rare thought when you hear or read about it, you will directly imagine about the decoration with full of candy theme. Do you always like to eat all kinds of sweet food and snack? If it is yes, then you will certainly love this idea. The candyland theme contains with bright color and so much sugary treats. You may find this when you attend kids party who loves candy very much. If you have a problem with your tooth health, it is better for you to not decorate your party with this theme!

Sweet Centerpieces in Candyland Decorations

Since the candy or ice cream is easy to melt, for the centerpieces you may use the type which is harder to melt. The sturdy candy such as gumdrops and lollipops are good to be a centerpiece. Stick any kinds of lollipops on the floral foam, then place it in the nontransparent vase. To have decorative accents, you may try to place large of coiled lollipops in the middle and give many smaller candies around it. Fill it as much as possible and then tie wide ribbon in around the vase. In the ending of party, put the candy in the treat bags for guests. Your guests will like it.

The Candyland Table of Treats

When you think about decorating your table in the candy land theme, you should think about your childhood time. You can start with making strings from cutout paper and use colored-primary construction paper. Then, tape them along the table edge with rolled painter tape in the back. However, if you want to make it simple, you can cut out the treats shape such as cupcakes, ice cream bars, and licorice drops to the table edges.

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Written by Denny